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  • Mailing list management
  • Email verification
  • Email builder
  • Automation
  • Full API Integration
  • Open & click tracking
Sary Mail API

Integrate in minutes with our email API and trust your emails reach the inbox.

Email verification

Ensure that your email list is clean and duly validated. Helps reduce bounce back and protect your sending reputation through our monitor bounces system

Marketing Campaigns

Build meaningful connections with smart email marketing services from sary


Automation features allow you to automatically or conditionally send email campaigns to your list or individuals in response to several types of events


Integrated with most well know SMTP Providers, Sending Services and Apps
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Professional email marketing solutions for better communication and higher conversion

Our wide range of email marketing solutions and services will help your business grow faster

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Client reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
David Ougt

Future News, UAE

Sary Services helps our company to have an effective email marketing service with an easy way to build our own email newsletters. The service is extremely easy-to-use and reaching out our readers doesn't require any technical assistance or knowledge.
Buati Alfasi

HR Savvy, Dubai

The customer service is very responsive. We choose Sary over many other vendors to announce a new product to our client-base. Using Sary has been a great way to tell our current and past clients about our new products and services.
Samir Alqhtani

Watan News, Saudi Arabia

We have used several newsletter products prior to Sary though none of them come close to Sary. Some might have a feature or two more, though none of them were able to provide us with the personalized support service such as Sary.

Help & Resources

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sary Email Services

Can i verify my emails list before send ?

Email verification will ensure that your email list is clean and duly validated which helps reduce bounce back and protect your sending reputation

Do you sell my data ?

No.  Sary is an email intelligence platform.  We are not in the business of selling data to third parties, data licensing, or setting cookies. We also do not use your data for our own marketing purposes.

Is my data visible to other customers ?

No. We never expose your data or your exhaust data.  This data is only used to train our machine learning models and power our algorithms – the data works “behind-the-scenes.”

Can i access my account from mobile device ?

Sary is made fully responsive. You can access sary webapp using any device from yourPC, tablet or smartphone.

Are you GDPR compliant ?

Yes. We are GDPR-compliant and we do not use the personal data of EU data subjects (including pseudonymized email address or IP address) for third-party usage.

What is a spam checker ?

Sary Services using the best SMTP servers that allows you to improve your email deliverability. At the last step of creating an email, the spam checker analyzes your campaign and gives tips on which element to improve.

Resources and FAQ

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