Build Successful newsletter – Part 1

Having a mailing list is one of the essential elements in email marketing
We can even say that it is the most important element because without a mailing list, how will you communicate with your customers?
So the first step in email marketing is to create a mailing list

Factors that contribute to increasing visitors engagement with subscribe button:


Offering a visitor a fee for subscribing to your mailing list is one of the factors that greatly increases your mailing list
This idea came when website owners noticed that the number of subscribers to their mailing lists decreased over time
Depending on the subscribe button alone to increase the mailing list is no longer as useful as it was in the past
Hence the idea of ​​providing a return to the visitor for his participation in the mailing list
It is always preferred that the offer provided by the site represents current or potential interest for the visitor to subscribe

These are some ideas that you can use

Special discount: This offer is very suitable if you have an online store
Free Download: Usually used by website owners that offer content, it might be an e-book or a training Ovidio
Obtaining exclusively a product or service that this method performs is suitable for services and programs

Ask your visitors to participate

One of the most important ways to create an effective mailing list is to share your messages with your customers and their friends and friends
ask your customers to share your messages with their friends and acquaintances
Who may be interested in the content of these messages
Try not to be sticky, as your request should be just a suggestion to the customer

Other Example
Obtaining a special discount if new customers subscribe through one of your existing clients
This system is called the referral system.
The offer may be a special discount for your friends and you, or any offer you consider appropriate for you and your customers