How to get more customers with the right content

Blogs play an important role in e-marketing; they support business activity, increase sales, attract potential customers, and even turn them into real customers, then build long-term relationships with them, but they need what is called a user study in order to play this role!

So what does user study mean?

There is a difference between the user study and the buyer persona model

The buyer persona is a quasi-fictional representation of the ideal customer targeted by your product, according to market research and real data for existing customers, and is built on the basis of insights and analysis provided by demographic data, purchasing behavior, tendencies, and motivations and goals of purchase, with customers.

As for the user’s study, it focuses on the user’s needs, behaviors, motivations and challenges facing him, which are reached through various techniques of analysis and observation, and other means that provide feedback on the user’s requirements, goals and inclinations. In the sense that user research, or user study is built on monitoring the ideal buyer’s activity and its interaction with the content you provide, and that task requires more accurate research in the target group to understand your audience more, and choose the most appropriate customer.

How is the user study done in a right way ?


Polls will remain an excellent way to collect data about your audience’s behavior and the challenges they face, and you can use a tool like Sary CRM to ask your question to the reader as soon as it reaches the end of each article you publish, how the survey contributes to customer engagement and to learn, there are two direct questions to ask in such a case:

How did you find this article / post?
What topic would you like to read later and suggest us to talk about in the next article?
In fact, two questions are very straightforward and simple, but they are effective and effective for the most imaginable extent, because you receive them in a very friendly way, so the dialogue appears friendly and not as a test or survey, and therefore you will get through a lot of useful answers and collect valuable data, which will represent accurate indicators to evaluate the content and its evaluation. . The answers to the first question give you a general idea of ​​the channels for disseminating the content that your audience interact with, while the answers to the second question spare you a lot of confusion and distraction that you are exposed to while searching for ideas that favor its impressive success with your audience if you cover it or write about it.

Interviews and phone calls:.

This is another excellent way to reach your audience, by sorting the most interacting with your posts in the social media accounts of your business, and sending private messages to them, always be in smart contact with them and their feelings, estimate their innate need to obtain a reward for their loyalty to you, believe them with you, and the time they spent spending for your follow-up . Therefore, contact them and explain to them the reasons for your interest in them, why you need their cooperation and how this will benefit both of you. Tell them that they are the heroes of all this activity, and that you write the content they read based on what they think, and take into consideration their needs and challenges facing them, so you will not be able to perform your task without understanding what they think and want first, and studying the difficulties and obstacles they are exposed to. If you are still struggling to increase the number of visitors and attract the user’s attention to you and your business, I suggest you present a gift or reward to them, such as an e-book of their choice, or a Amazon voucher for example.